The Ultimate Photo/Video Contract Pack featuring 18 contracts

18 contracts, 7 Business Proposal Templates, and a Cold E-mail template designed To land clients

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A LOT! Free online contracts are generally one size fits all documents that don't hold up in court! Blog sites use them to rank on google and attract traffic for ads! These contracts address a long list of modern issues, professionals face in today's industry. From simple things like legal clauses written to educate the client that you're NOT responsible for family members blocking key shots with cell phones or tablets, to making sure clients understand and agree that you have the legal right to sell unused footage to stock websites and so much more! Each contract provides legal clauses specific to that industry-based on feedback from professionals with years of experience.

With these contracts, YOU WILL have the ability to protect your brand from the common legal issues most creators in the industry face with their clients.


What's Included?

18 Editable Contracts (Editable Word Document)

  1. 2nd Shooter Non-Compete Agreement
  2. Aerial Video Agreement
  3. Aerial Photography Agreement
  4. Commercial Photography Agreement
  5. Corporate Event Photography Agreement
  6. Equipment Rental/Loan Agreement
  7. Family Portraits Agreement
  8. Graphic Design Agreement
  9. Corporate Headshot Agreement
  10. Live Video Streaming Agreement
  11. Model Release Agreement
  12. Music License Agreement
  13. Property Release Agreement
  14. Video Editing Agreement
  15. Video Production Agreement
  16. Wedding Photography Agreement
  17. Wedding Video Production Agreement
  18. Non-Disclosure Agreement (Both Consultant Non-Disclosure Agreement & Mutual NDA)

After Using These Contracts You Should Be Protected From:

  • Lack of content due to venue restrictions
  • Damage to equipment, caused by the clients or guests
  • Obstructed images/video due to the use of phones or tablets
  • The right to use capture content for person profile/stock sales or social media
  • Client provides meals for shoots longer than 6 hours
  • Client provides safety and security for the team while on set
  • Clients notify you of the use of explosives or firearms on set
  • Client provides parking and admission cost if needed
  • Revision parameters and cost
  • And much more…

  • 5 Cold E-Mail Templates & 5 Objection Response Template (Editable Word Document)

    Additionally, you get a PROVEN COLD EMAIL/CALL TEMPLATE designed to help you contact cold leads introduce your brand, as well as an OBJECTION RESPONSE TEMPLATE to help you overcome the top reason clients say no.

    7 Brochure Style Sales Proposal Templates (Editable Word Document)

    Designed to improve sales by providing a professional proposal for your clients. Load your information using Word or Google Document then export to PDF.


    Access UPDATED Contracts and Templates For Life!

    As time changes things change. When you download these contracts you're covered for life.


    Private support from the instructor and community.

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    THE NEW INDUSTRY STANDARD! Let's be honest. 95% of the photographers and videographers that I know, either DON'T HAVE A LEGAL BINDING CONTRACT FOR THEIR CLIENTS or have a free BS contract that they downloaded online somewhere that's not worth the data you used to download it! It's from some RANDOM website that's created it, so they could get you to come to their webpage JUST to make money. They threw together some generic law sounding paragraphs and slapped the word photographer in it, and posted that BS online for anybody who googled contracts. But this is a REAL FREAKING CONTRACT! You can tell the moment you read them, that they are based on situations that only a REAL Portrait photographer, editor, or people that really do this for a living has faced. It's sad that you have to remind wedding clients to feed the photographer!!! Even though they've been covering the wedding from 7am to 2am.

    These contracts are LACED with clauses like that to help REAL photographers, editors or whatever you do. Just keep that in mind when you think about what all you get for the price. It's not just legal paperwork it's the experience behind understanding how I need to protect myself that's worth the cost alone!

    — Shadow Exposure Media

    I seen these contracts on youtube and I CAN'T LIE the VERY FIRST TIME I used it with a client it SAVED MY ASS! REAL TALK! Everybody's worked with difficult clients. There's nothing better than having paperwork that they've signed to help you deal with someone that's trying to get MORE than what they're paying for! It's CRAZY how much a paper-trail can help you. Especially when you have clauses that you didn't even think of! it's kinda mind blowing. Well worth the money!! HIT THE BUTTON — Darcell Jackson

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    Disclaimer: The following contract has been reviewed by a lawyers. HOWEVER laws are different in each county, city, state and country. There are is intended to be a guideline rather than a comprehensive, complete contract. FlashFIlm Academy is not responsible for any lawsuits, damages, or disputes that may arise from using this contract template. PLEASE see a local Lawyer to make any tweaks or changes needed for you region.